Top 5 websites for Oracle knowledge

Oracle is database software which is used by many businesses. If you are a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consultant then you are sure to be advising on this platform. But learning Oracle needs constant learning, particularly as new versions and updates are brought out so often. So keep ahead of the game and improve your software knowledge with a look at the top 5 Oracle help websites out there…

1) ‘Books for Dummies’ are always valuable reading for the complete beginner and here the ‘dummies’ give their top 9 online Oracle resources. The dummies website has a good troubleshooting section and you can also read some of the books online such as the 11g version here:

2) Every technical definitive guide for all Oracle software, published by Oracle itself. This is in-depth technical know-how but gives you everything you could possibly ever want to know from installation to building your database and using it.

3) Very good oracle tutorials begin on this page here. Further technical tutorials continue on these pages of tips and tricks Sign up to the free newsletter for more hints at beating the system.

4)  Free sign up for loads of online tutorials on all the tech of Oracle software.

5) Oracle advice from an Oracle consultant. Includes this page of free resources and a free to download ebook on Oracle consulting.


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