Top 10 Excel Youtube Channels

As a video sharing site unleashed to the entire world, the creators of Youtube must have realised that there was going to be a proliferation of randomness uploaded onto it – it certainly is a source of endless procrastination for the modern student! Nevertheless, Youtube has become an excellent learning resource as people who really know what they are talking about have shared their tips and advice online…and a video is much easier and user-friendly than reading a lot of text, particularly on software related issues where seeing it in practice is the best way to learn. So on the topic of Excel skill improvement, Youtube couldn’t be better!

1)    With an incredible 2000 videos here, ExcelIsFun has to be the definitive Youtube guide to Excel. If you don’t find the skill you are looking to learn/improve here, it probably doesn’t exist. Downloadable workbooks are also offered which will be helpful for the learning process. Mike Girvin often collaborates with Bill ‘Mr. Excel’ Jelen on these videos for joint commentaries. Some of the videos are up to 40 minutes long but the functions explained are complicated and are shown from scratch so should be easy to follow.

2) The Youtube channel for the excellent As the title suggests, this is to teach the basics to total beginners covering functions, tables and formulas in hundreds of videos including a shorter ‘crash course’ series. Highly recommended for the initial covering ground to then move onto ExcelIsFun.

3) The Excel Kid here says he doesn’t want to cover all the old ground that ExcelIsFun and Mr. Excel have done so focuses on KPI dashboards and reporting. This is more specialist knowledge that will be useful for analysts so definitely a must watch after you’re comfortable with the basics.

4) In the same vein, this channel offers specialist videos on VBA (Visual Basic for Applications – the language for setting up macros). Includes downloadable workbooks on dropbox.

5) This is a very good channel for all Microsoft software. So all the know-how for Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Publisher can also be found on this channel.

6) The Youtube channel for the well-known online course website  For step by step articles to go with these videos, go to the website.

7) Excellent set of videos from the excellent website which has a great array of articles and blog posts on Excel. The videos are grouped into ‘Functions’, ‘Data Validation’ and ‘Programming’

8) Bill Jelen’s own channel with some of his top rated videos from (but check out the website for more content, including CD-ROMS to order). Consists of a commentary as he uses Excel to achieve certain outcomes.

9) High ratings for their 11 beginner’s lessons which include conditional formatting and charts

10) Seven of the top videos from have been uploaded to youtube here but check out the website for 60 further video tutorials


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