Top 8 Excel Blogs

You wouldn’t think that there would be blogs out there purely dedicated to giving you a daily dose of Excel fun…but there are. Probably more useful for the advanced users who are looking for answers to common problems – beginner’s would get far too lost in the Excel geekiness here…!

1) Andrew Engwirda is a self-proclaimed ‘incurable Excel addict’ so a crazy amount of blog posts here on common Excel issues. Includes a few downloads as well.

2)  A large Excel ‘knowledge base’ here. Plenty of categories on the left to easily navigate and try and find the topic you are looking for more help with. Also includes a forum community to ask further questions.

3) Very technical, but some important VBA codes here to solve common problems. You can subscribe to the general blog for free and there’s some example workbooks too to practice with.

4) A very detailed blog with step by step guides, VBA codes and recent news.

5) Focused on charts and VBA programming

6) A simple website but some interesting Excel info here including a ‘fun stuff’ section and a good book list.

7) very good blog whose author has just set up an online course for further instruction. Includes quite a lot of advanced stuff like Power Pivots

8) A good Excel news blog and trouble shooting.


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