Time saving Powerpoint Tips

Powerpoint is a very important tool for consultants as making presentations is a large part of the job. But Powerpoint can also be a fiddly business and time saving tips and tricks are undoubtedly welcome for all those late night presentation making sessions or trying to finish one off during a train or plane journey on the way to the client…!

http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/5-must-know-powerpoint-tips-that-will-save-you-time/  This blog post from Articulate E-learning has 5 great time saving tips including short video tutorials on the points made.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL26pr4T7OzVOt6ai88laGu3OdV6F6mUNo  The videos on this playlist include how to put Excel tables into a Powerpoint – definitely an important tip what with Excel being the basis of calculations and modeling which you are presenting!

http://www.thinkoutsidetheslide.com/25TipsPPt.pdf  Excellent guide to print with 25 tips from Dave Paradi who wrote the ‘Guide to Powerpoint’ book

http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/roundup/top-ten-time-saving-tips-powerpoint-1074423   Some good ideas here, particularly using a Slide Master to alter formatting of all slides with only one change rather than on each slide.

http://presentationsoft.about.com/od/powerpoint2010/tp/120107-time-savers-powerpoint-2010.htm A list of 10 tips with links to longer tutorial articles. Includes info on compressing photos, comparing multiple presentations and using the new ‘Animation Painter’ tool.

http://www.shortcutworld.com/en/win/PowerPoint_2007.html  A huge list of over 200 keyboard shortcuts for Powerpoint 2007. No doubt these will help speed things along, particularly when not working with a mouse.

http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/powerpoint-help/slide-show-keyboard-shortcuts-HP005195303.aspx A slightly shorter list of keyboard shortcuts on the Microsoft website but probably the more important ones

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/saraford/archive/2012/11/28/top-powerpoint-tips-what-i-ve-learned-thus-far-on-the-mac-powerpoint-team.aspx Tips here for Mac users from a ‘genius’ on the Mac Powerpoint team.



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